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Punch machine (16 tons) with mould (5 cavities) accessories, for 20mm aluminium caps

Components of Punch Machine:

A. 16 tons power press, 380V (compatible with 440V)
B. Mould with 5 cavities for 20mm cap, made as per customer’s cap drawing and samples
C. Machine control system
D. Uncoiler and servo motor powered material feeder
E. Aluminium coil lubrication system
F. Air generator and cap blowing system
G. Ring separator and conveyor belt
H. Recoiler of waste material
I. Mould protection system
J. Hand protection system


40000-45000 caps per hour (frequency: 135-150 times/min)

Aluminium Coil Width:


Spare Parts:

50% parts of the 5 cavities (free)


Standard tools for repair and maintenance of the machine & mould

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