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    1. Automotive Spray Paint Booth

      Car spray booth is used for painting and baking the paint on the car. It could provide a closed clear painting environment for painting operators. There're two process in total:
      - 1. Painting Mode: The fresh air comes into the plenum after filtering by air intake filter system. Then will be pressure averaged by the ceiling filter, and flow down to the cabin at the speed of 0.2~0.3m/s. The air flow could take the painting mist out of the cabin by exhaust fan.

    1. Coffee Machinery

      Our feeding machine is the automatic feeding device which is the ancillary equipment for punching equipment. A machine can realize automatic oiling, automatic feeding, automatic tracking features, which automatically feeding 30-9999mm in length, the length of an arbitrary set, it provide accurate positioning and widely adjusting range.

    1. Disinfection Tunnel

      Outside Size (mm) 2950*1050*2400 (L*W*H)
      Power Supply: 220V/1Phases/50Hz
      Cabin System Wallboard & Ceiling Plate Made of galvanized steel, 1.2mm thick, powder coated with outdoor highlighting powder coating.
      Basement - Made of embossed galvanized steel, 2mm thick. Strong support. - Equip with universal wheel, could move to other place quickly.

    1. Easy Open Ends Making Line Machinery

      1) Stretaher for plate
      Usage: It is used to stretch the sheet for the next working procedure of making ring pull.
      2) 25T open punch+progressive die (Ring-pull machine)
      Production Capacity
      80-120 pcs/min

    1. Flip Off Capseal Assembly Machine

      TX-WZD-Flip Off Cap Assembly Machine Model: WZD-54GM/WZD-36GM
      TX-WZD-MC Cap Assembling And Rubber inserting All In One Machine
      TX-WZD-Rubber Fitting Machine For Injection Vial Cap Model: WZD-45C

    1. Food Container Machinery

      Aluminum Foil Container Machine adopt imported Seimens motor,PLC and Schneider electronic componets to make sure the machine's top quality, the whole line include:
      Aluminium foil roll--- decoiler--- pneumatic press--- mould--- conveyor--- collection desk--- packing

    1. Injection Molding Machine

      The high rigid form work structure of the three link and five hinged locking die locking mechanism with oblique row hyperbolic elbows is designed, which has more room for die, and is suitable for a wider range of die use with both D groove and conventional threaded hole. Easy to install all kinds of mold moving die fast and stable and travel distance is large electrical and mechanical safety protection device 4 section open and close mold pressure, speed, Position Control automatic centralized Lubrication system Rapid closing Die differential device hydraulic Motor driven Gear adjusting Die.

    1. Punch Machinery

      Item 1. Punch machine (16 tons) with mould (5 cavities) accessories, for 20mm aluminium caps
      Item 2. Punch machine (16 tons) with mould (7 cavities) accessories, for 13mm aluminium caps

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