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1. Clamping Unit

The high rigid form work structure of the three link and five hinged locking die locking mechanism with oblique row hyperbolic elbows is designed, which has more room for die, and is suitable for a wider range of die use with both D groove and conventional threaded hole. Easy to install all kinds of mold moving die fast and stable and travel distance is large electrical and mechanical safety protection device 4 section open and close mold pressure, speed, Position Control automatic centralized Lubrication system Rapid closing Die differential device hydraulic Motor driven Gear adjusting Die.

2. Control Unit:

 It utilizes the plastic injection moulding machine special, Purpose computer with rapid response, interactive interface Regulate barrel temperature deviation automatically Multiple-unit plastic moulding data memory system Mail electric components with famous brand ensuring safety performance of electric devices It really monitors various actions and gives automatic warning for its defects Clamp, injection, ejection action can choose linear Displacement sensor for its control 

3. Injection Unit

Twin cylinder balanced injection system High torque oil motor directly drives screw to complete the pre-injection Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements to ensure the production quality Multiple一stage control for pressure, speed, position to inject, keep pressure, charge material 

4. Hydraulic Unit

High capacity feedback proportional valve controlling the pressure and flow, stability and high sensitivity speed Main hydraulic components With famous brand, ensuring stable quality of the machine Low noise 8 rapid response oil pump system Adopt the cooling water flaw distributor, controlling the cooling temperature easily 

5. Electromagnetic Heating System

Electromagnetic heating equipment is a kind of electrical apparatus which converts electric energy into heat energy by using electromagnetic induction principle. In the control core of electromagnetic equipment, the alternating current of 50HZ/60HZ is converted into DC voltage by rectifier circuit. Through the control circuit, the DC voltage is converted to the high frequency voltage of 20-40KHZ. The high speed change of current through the winding intermediate frequency coil will produce the high speed change reef field, when the magnetic field magnetic field line passes through the metal. Will produce numerous eddy currents in the metal, such as the tube itself heating itself high-speed heating. So that it can be heated.

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