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Disinfection Tunnel

Disinfection Tunnel

Detailed Specifications
Outside Size (mm) 2950*1050*2400 (L*W*H) Power Supply: 220V/1Phases/50Hz
Cabin System Wallboard & Ceiling Plate Made of galvanized steel, 1.2mm thick, powder coated with outdoor highlighting powder coating.
Basement - Made of embossed galvanized steel, 2mm thick. Strong support.
- Equip with universal wheel, could move to other place quickly.
Inductor System Sensor is located on roof of the front door, when it detect person within 4 meters away the machine, all system would switch on automatically.
Temperature Measurement System - Equip with high sensitivity sensor to detect body’s temperature: Only could measure person’s temperature, not aim to the object, such as water bottle etc.
- System alarm with voice, once measured temperature exceed the setting one.
Sterilizing Area for Hands - Temperature measuring area is specially equipped with hand sterilizer, non-contact inductive spraying, safe and hygienic, which can effectively sterilize the hand part.
- Disinfector: Quick dry type 75% medicinal alcohol.
Sterilizing Area for Shoes - The machine’s floor is with the sterilizing carpet, inside is the disinfector, to sterilize the passing person’s shoe sole.
- Disinfector: NaClO disinfectant
Atomizing Sterilizing Area - Automatic sensing spray (smart sensing, cost saving), equipped with a microwave sensor for moving objects, which detects someone entering and activates the fog machine to spray disinfectant.
- Disinfector: Food grade disinfectant, HCLO, approx. 5L/month.
Anion Sterilization - Oxygen anion generator, ensure the multi-sterilization effect.
- Long life, no need maintance.
Ultraviolet sterilization - Medical ultraviolet lamp sterilization, the last sterilization system, to ensure the sterilization effect.
- Long life, no need maintance.
Lighting System 1 Set of LED light.
Control System - PLC controller system, LED display screen, including temperature measuring sensor, QR code scan system, light system, etc.
- English interface, English voice system.
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